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See below the client's feedback:

Oren Ozeri


Optimutech LTD,

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mukha Agency have managed to unveil the true potential of our product and to clear the fog, all through brilliancy in creating a UX/UI experience that made our clients bonded with our company vision, a true professional that delivers!

Marius Avram

CEO, co-founder, 

Codapper Software,

Bals, Romania

It was a true pleasure to collaborate with Maria for building mobile apps. An expert on UI/UX with gorgeous graphics and a tools master that ease the developers effort.


She's having awesome ideas for functional design as well by improving requested features, being very receptive on product owner or user demand.

Prabhakar Reddy

CEO & Co-Founder,

New York, USA

We had a wonderful experience working with Maria in re-branding our Website and developing iOS and Android apps.


She is not only a UI/UX designer but has very passionate about what she does.


Even though geographically she is from a different region, she learn about various events which are popular in India and in USA and tried her best to come up with Graphical representation.


Another think I personally liked about Maria is, she is pretty straight forward and upfront, which helped us a lot.


Our Development team liked the way she responds to the comments made/ where help needed, pretty much all the time she is active and minutes away to respond.


Maria - Thank you very much for all your help in designing our Video Invitation Maker Apps and helping us in re-branding to show case our service to the whole world.  Thanks again, I am sure we will be working on many more projects in upcoming months / years.





Tel Aviv, Israel

City Center

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